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Dryer update July 9, 2011

Posted by Judy in Musings.

I figured I should post a teeny little update about the dryer foolishness. I should say that Mrs. Landlady really isn’t an ogre, even though I sort of make her out to be. She’s just not at all handy and kinda lacks common sense when it comes to maintaining a house.

Anyway, the dryer is not fixed, at least the fire hazard portion is fixed. The repairman came on Thursday and installed the new parts, so now that’s fine. There IS still the “Hmmm . . . I have an electric dryer and every time I run it, the laundry room smells like natural gas” issue. I emailed her about it two days ago, I’ve yet to hear back from her. I don’t think it’s the dryer, I think it’s the water heater, but I only smell it when the dryer is running. If it were my house, I’d just replace all three (washer, dryer, water heater) and move on. Sadly, it’s not my house.

So, for the moment, the fire hazard is gone, but I still think the dryer is a piece of junk that needs to go live in the dump! I’m almost to the point where I want to just buy another used dryer for us to use while we live here, and we’ll keep her piece-o-junk out in the garage until we move out. Tempted, I’m really tempted. One thing is for sure, there is no glory in being a good tenant. We report all of the problems with the house, regardless of how small. When Mrs. Landlady comes over, she still manages to find something to complain about. (This time it was the fact that the lawn seemed to be dying. Uh, lady, good luck growing grass in the parts of the lawn that only get maybe ONE hour of sun per day!) Sometimes I think we’d be better off just fixing the issues ourselves, or being bad tenants and letting the property fall into disrepair. (Is that even a word?)

But, now I’ve digressed into generalized whining about the landlady and I”m no longer discussing the dryer. So, since this was ostensibly about the dryer, I’ll just stop=)


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