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The expensive plaid September 21, 2011

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

A few weeks ago, I agreed to test out a pattern for a 2T dress for Toni over at Sugar Tart Crafts. Since DD is so tall, I decided not to use my nice fabric to test out the pattern, just in case it was a total flop. So I used some plaid patchwork pants that I had found at a freesale. Frankly, the print was totally horrifying as a pair of pants, but it turned out super cute as a dress.

Imagine my surprise when I saw this dress at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Who knew that fabric was worth 100 bucks? So I guess my “not so nice” fabric turned out to be spot on in style=)

In other news, I seriously need to get a better camera!


1. Lita - September 22, 2011

wow! so I you selling your creations for $100.00? Mucha suerte con el inicio de tu negocio.

Judy - September 25, 2011

What? No, I think you misunderstood . . . .the Saks 5th Avenue dress was $100 . . .I won’t be making this dress to sell, as it’s someone else’s pattern=)

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