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Recycled wool longies, revisited October 8, 2011

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

Three years ago, I made my first pair of wool longies. I used a pattern I’d found online, and they were a flop! So I decided to draft my own pattern, and I came up with these.

I thought they were cute and quite functional. I DID notice that DS1 walked kinda funny in them and seem to stumble alot at the beginning, but I figured he was just getting used to having a giant cloth diaper butt. After a few months, I realized that it wasn’t DS1, rather, it was the longies, whose inseam was just all wrong. So I redid my tutorial and found a better way to do the longies. Rather than fix the original ones, I just made new ones.

Fast forward 3 years and DS2 is now ready to wear the same longies. I couldn’t very well put him in the original longies knowing that they had a funny fit. But, I did so like the patterns and colors, soooo, I revamped them. I spent some quality time with my seam ripper, then pieced together some more wool, and came up with new and improved longies. They fit soooo much better!

While I was at it, I decided to make a new pair for him. I’m totally fine with handing clothing down from one child to the next, it just makes economical sense. But, I DO think it’s nice for each child to get something that was new just for them each season. For DS2, it was a new pair of longies. I decided to partially line them with some impossibly soft and cozy merino wool. (DS1 hated anything scratchy, and he always complained when I put the longies on. DS2 doesn’t so much care, cuz, you know, he’s the mellow one!) I totally LOVE how these turned out! I love them so much, in fact, that they will be part of the merchandise available in my etsy store this Christmas! Now I have all of these ideas for embellishing the pants to make them even more stylish.


1. Lita - October 8, 2011

The brown wool longies are cute!

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