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The Pinterest reviews – all things sewing January 29, 2012

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

I am a self-taught seamstress, and a large portion of my knowledge came from online tutorials. I’m sort of addicted to finding great tutes, especially if it’s fun stuff to make for the kids. Here are some things I’ve tried recently.

Engineer hats

Source: aestheticnest.com via Judy on Pinterest

I made these for the babes for Christmas. The directions were pretty good and the finished product turned out well. My only issue is that sizing is not really accurate. I based my sizing on the measurement of their heads . . . .DD’s turned out too small, even though I chose the size that was closer to her measurement. So, if in doubt, make the bigger one. I’m dreading having to take it apart to fix it!

The Christmas jacket

Source: tinyurl.com via Judy on Pinterest

This isn’t so much a tutorial as it was inspiration. I really liked the collarless look and the overlapped front, so I made something similar for DD for Christmas. I’ll probably do a post later about the jacket, but here is a little pic.

Faux placket

Source: thedillspiel.blogspot.com via Judy on Pinterest

Petal sleeves

Source: thedillspiel.blogspot.com via Judy on Pinterest

Both of these came from the same blog, no big dill, and I used both ideas in DD’s birthday dress. You can find more photos of the dress as well as the cape below in this post.

The Audrey cape

Source: projectrunandplay.blogspot.com via Judy on Pinterest


DIY kid-sized dress form

Source: woolfoodmama.typepad.com via Judy on Pinterest


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