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Bumbleride Indie Twin Recall April 26, 2012

Posted by Judy in parenting.
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We’ve had our Bumbleride Indie Twin since July of 2009, and we have used it lots. Mostly it gets used for exercise. After I got it, I walked every weekday until November. We’ve occasionally used it for long outings (zoo, etc), but mostly for exercise and recently we’ve started using it for pre-bed-lets-calm-the-babes-down stroller rides.

I was curious to know what changes had been made between 2009 and now, so I checked out the Bumbleride website. Frankly, it wasn’t particularly informative in that regard. I did, however, discover that my Bumbleride has been recalled. Why did I not know about this? Grr! Anyway, it’s not anything earth shattering, something to do with the front tire. I’ve filled out the application to get the replacement part. But, just in case you have a Bumbleride, here’s the info you need.

All in all, we’ve been really happy with our stroller. The brake finally gave out last week, 2.5 years later, and one of the straps ripped out. Nothing earth-shattering, though. Kinda makes me wish we had a better excuse to get a new one=)


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