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The death of the Pinterest reviews June 9, 2012

Posted by Judy in Musings.

You may have noticed that my weekly review of Pinterest pins that I’ve tried has gone by the wayside.  After my last review, I got a message from someone to the effect of “please ask permission before using my photos!” Okay, maybe she didn’t use an exclamation point, but that’s how the message came across. It sort of took the wind out of my sails. I felt like I was being accused of doing something horrible. Why didn’t I get a message from her after I pinned the recipe? There was definitely a photo involved there? What’s the diff between a pic on a blog and the same pic on Pinterest? :scratches head:

I was also annoyed at the email. I totally get the notion that good photography takes time, money and effort. If I had been using the photo to profit myself, that would be a different story. As it was, I received very little benefit from linking to my pinterest page. In fact, the person who “owned” the photo got the benefit as she received more traffic on her blog as a result. I guess I fail to see what the problem is. Isn’t the internet all about the free sharing of information? And another thing . . . . it’s not like I used the picture without any credit. At the bottom of the photo, it clearly stated what blog the pic came from, and that it was pinned from my pinterest board. If this were a research paper rather than a blogpost, everything would have been on the up and up: source used and cited properly.

Anyway, the whole thing annoyed me, so I just quit doing the reviews. It was part “I’m taking my toys and going home!” and part “Eh, it’s just not worth it.” So, there you have it, the death of the pinterest reviews.

I’m still pinning all sorts of things, mostly recipes and sewing tutes. Feel free to take a gander here.


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