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Summer sewing: bags September 16, 2012

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For some reason, I have made a whole bunch of bags this summer. Seems like every occasion has called for a bag of sorts. Most are still getting used regularly, some, not so much! I have probably blogged about many of the bags over on my other blog: Learning each and every day.

The first bags to get made were messenger bags for the older babes. They had outgrown their toddler backpacks and rather than go with a bigger backpack, I went the messenger bag route. My other blog has more pics and the deets.

The next bag I made was a pool bag. Initially I used it when the babes and I would go swimming at a friend’s house. Now, I use it when I go swim laps in the morning.

In the same vein, I made 3 mini duffel bags for the babes to carry their pool things in. They were super quick to make. I think I made two in about 45 minutes. I have a tutorial for the bags here. The one thing that is now problematic is the tablecloth material I used. It’s not very strong, so it is starting to rip around some of the seams. I haven’t decided if I’m going to bother doing anything out it or not.

This next bag was a fun one to make. It was a bit time-consuming because of the patchwork, but it was still fun. Sadly, it’s not really getting much use. I made it for my 5yo as a little diaper bag where he could keep the stuff that came with his doll. He was all excited about it when it was in the planning stages, very carefully going through my fabric scrap stash and choosing fabrics that he liked. Of course, once it was made, it just sort of sat on his dresser. His excuse: “I’m only going to play with it when me siblings aren’t around so they don’t lose my stuff!” Oh well!

This was a VERY hot summer. As such, the groceries would swelter and melt away in the car if I had to go to more than just the grocery. So, I made an insulated grocery bag. It’s crazy huge!

Just before it got super hot, the babes and I were meeting up with friends at parks several times a week. I would take a lunch, but didn’t have a good way to keep it cool. Enter: the insulated picnic tote.

I recently went on a little trip, and whipped up five bags for the trip: a computer bag, a clutch, two lingerie bags and a shoe bag. I really wanted to finish the duffel bag, but didn’t manage to get it done before zooming off to catch my plane. There are more details about the computer bag and clutch and duffel bag on my other blog. I’m still really loving the computer bag and my little clutch. I”m thinking I’ll make another clutch in a few months for the spring!

The lingerie and shoe bags were super fast to make and I just sort of winged it without a pattern. The little blueish bag with the bow was made from a tea towel. The one with the handle looking thing was made out of the bodice of an old dress. The hole is what used to be arm holes. Mostly, I was looking to reuse the zipper. It turned out sort of weird, but it’s functional. The shoe bag was also made from the same dress . . . that turned out much better.

Two bags that I made were gifts for my parents. I managed to not get a pic of the one I made for my mom. It was just a tiny document type bag. I modeled it after another bag that she had that was less-than-inspiring and not very girly. This cosmetic bag is for my dad. His bag has been around since the beginning of time and is VERY worn. Hopefully he’ll like it! I used brown corduroy for the outside and PUL for the inside. There is a pocket on the outside and also a small inner pocket.

The last bag was a biggie. My purse that I made 4 years ago using this tutorial was getting too small and just worn out. After lots of searching, I decided on making the Amy Butler Blossom Bag. I’ll do another post just on the bag detailing the changes I made and my thoughts. I’m really enjoying using it. It’s the perfect size with just the right amount of pockets and organization for me. I’ll probably only get 2 months of usage since I’ll have to go back to carrying a diaper bag when the new squishy arrives. But for now, I”m enjoying it!

Phew! That was alot of bags! Next up, baby carriers, or maybe speed sewing. Stay tuned!


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