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A bullet October 19, 2012

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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That was me in the water the past three swims . . . a lithe, sleek bullet. Okay, that’s probably a gross exaggeration, but that’s how I FELT! I hit the water for the first time at 9 days postpartum and I couldn’t believe how amazing I felt. I didn’t swim faster the first day, but 4 days later, my second postpartum swim was certainly faster. While pregnant, the 15 laps would take me 20 minutes. On this particular day, I swam my 15 laps in 15 minutes . . . I shaved off 5 minutes from my time! And, my heart rate wasn’t all crazy, I found my groove during the second lap (as opposed to not finding it till lap 10 or 11), I could have done several more laps . . . it was really quite stellar, if I do say so myself.

Today I swam the same 15 laps, and today marked the beginning of the next 3 month membership. So, I’m in it until February. I figure it will be a great way to get in shape again, and as an added bonus, it gives me an hour of me time, which likely wouldn’t happen otherwise.

Tomorrow, I’m going to tackle the long laps. I haven’t tried that since the very first day when I thought I was going to die after finishing half a lap. I’m pretty sure the long laps will be a piece of cake now. Woohoo! Pre-preggo body, here I come!


1. Carla - October 19, 2012

Well, I thought I said great job, maybe you have a “approve comments” setting that I missed when I hit submit.

2. Judy - October 19, 2012

Have you commented from this email before? If so, it should just approve you automatically. If it’s a new email, I like to check it out before posting . .. helps cut down on the spam=)

3. Karla - October 19, 2012

Oh man I can’t wait to have that feeling! I love being pregnant, I really do, but I also can’t wait to walk without waddling and get my body back again! Good for you!

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