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And it begins, again . . . . .

. . . the prodoromal labor.  YUCK!  I’m still trying to figure out how prodromal labor is different from BH contractions.  I’m going with, the former happens more often, especially at night, and is rather uncomfortable.  Last night I was up for three hours with the prodromal junk.  I’m already wiped out, like I really need to spend half the night up with contractions!  On the bright side, all of these contractions are doing a great job of toning up that old labor muscle, AKA uterus.  That, plus the red raspberry leaf tea, the evening of primrose oil and a VEEEERRRY low baby are making me think that this time things will be even more lightening fast!  We’ll see


1. Lita - June 20, 2010

I am sure everything will be over soon!

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