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Apparently he’s normal

As you may have read before, NOR is totally a vacuuming fiend.  Apparently, this is normal behavior for little boys.  This past week, I was at Sears two separate times looking for a new sewing machine for all of my sewing projects!  Both times, the sales people told me that little boys love vacuum cleaners.  One even said that some parents bring their boys in just to play with the vacuums!  Who knew!  So NOR had a great time pointing excitedly at all the of vacuums and jumping around them and playing with all of the knobs.  Too bad we don’t have a mall closeby, it would be like a playground for him!!


1. Rlape - August 26, 2008

It is pretty cool!

I wonder if they have toy vaccum cleaners? I suppoused NOR will love it!

I will investigate about it.

Love u


2. Judy - August 27, 2008

Well, I’m sure they do. Right now he uses a stick (from the music stand that the movers ruined!) and pretends to be vacuuming. He’s quite entertained by that silly stick. I guess that’s one advantage to having had bad movers!

3. Heidi - October 16, 2008

They do have toy vaccum cleaners, maybe Toys R Us or Walmart, Target.. check it out. I’ve seen some blow bubbles, or was that a lawn mower. Can’t remember.

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