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Breakfast, Beebaw, Baheeg

What do these three words have in common (aside from the fact that they all start with “B” and have two syllables)?  They are all words that are part of RNR’s vocabulary.  I’ve been meaning to write a post on her language development for, oh, 10 months or so!  So many things have changed in 10 months, I’ll just have to sum things up.

Her language explosion started at around 15 months, and it was totally different from that of NOR.  He would say 2-3 new words every day, for weeks, I couldn’t keep up with him.  RNR, on the other hand, would go for several days without saying anything new, and then, BOOM, 10 new words would come tumbling out.

She just turned two, and her vocabulary is enormous, her grammar is quite good, and her diction is even better.  Being the vocalist that I am, I’m quite proud of the good diction=)  I’ve noticed a huge improvement in her ability to speak in complete sentences in the past three months.  She has such a charming little way of speaking . . kind of a lilting tone with very deliberate pronunciation.  My favorite word that she says is “BAH-eeg” . . translation = “bag”.  I have no idea why she says it that way, but it’s pretty funny.

“Beebaw” is another fun one, that actually has gone out the window.  It started out as “Bah-bah”, then progressed to “Beebaw” and is now “Nibaw”.

It’s been quite entertaining to watch NOR try to teach RNR how to correctly pronounce things.  Generally I hear them having a little lesson when I’m in another room.  RNR will say a word, incorrectly.  NOR will correct her.  RNR says it wrong, again.  NOR repeats the correct pronunciation, but slower and in a more exaggerated manner.  It’s rather comical, but so nice to see them helping each other.

Now that DLR is here, RNR is always “translating” his coos and babbles.  He’ll make some sound and she’ll say, “Darby say ‘oo-guh'”!  Crack me up every time, and I’m pretty sure DLR thinks it’s funny, too, since I notice him smiling or giggling after she says it!  Ah, language acquisition, what fun!



1. R - November 8, 2010

Makes me smile! Gotta love language!

2. Lita - November 20, 2010

I love the way they interact, I have had the privilege to witness their growth and I am amazed how quick they are learning different skills.
Definitely they will continue learning from each other.
You are a lucky mom that has the opportunity to see their development every day.
Love u

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