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Car seat foolishness

You’d think that getting  something as universal as a carseat would be rather easy . . . well, you’d be wrong.  We had MEGA drama with the carseat today.  We have traditionally gone with the infant bucket seat for the first few months, because, well, that’s what most people do.  This time, we decided to try using a convertible from the beginning.  Partly because our bucket seat is sort of a PITB, and also because I’d been reading some info on positional asphyxia in newborns and carseats and found that bucket seats might not be the best.

So, we thought to try our Safety1st convertible.  We’d bought it to use with NOR, and then RNR used it until we were given a better seat.  Pretty much, I hate the Safety1st, but it’s what we had.  Now I hate it even more.  In order to have it tipped back far enough to safely transport a newborn, the front seat has to be almost all the way forward.  I’m not a big person, but now even I’m crowded in the front seat.  The real big problem is that the seat it LEAGUES to big for our newest little man.  The seat claims to fit 5lb infants . . . I think that is a big lie.  DS2 is 6 1/2 pounds and he was SWIMMING in the seat.  We had to pile up receiving blankets behind and under him in order to get him to fit correctly.  Clearly, this is NOT the best solution.  Yes, it’s safer than having him all slumped over in a giant carseat, but certainly not the best option.

We went to Target to look at carseats .  . .  what a pain!  Their were either super long like the Safety 1st, or VERY wide, or enormous or expensive.  Sheesh, couldn’t they just make this a wee bit easier?  And it’s not like we are first time, inexperienced parents!  Grr . . . .

Our current plan is to try the bucket seat and see what happens.  I’m not holding out much hope, though!


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