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First trip to the dentist

For the past several weeks, I’d been noticing that NOR’s bottom teeth looked bad and in the back of my head I’m thinking, “Oh no!  He’s getting tooth rot!”  He stopped nursing in the middle of the night, or rather, we put and end to that, so as not to have the milk sitting on his teeth all night.  For some reason, he started getting milk from the fridge in a sippy cut at night (which was really 4 or 5 am).  Not sure how this happened, but it did.

Fast forward to a week or two ago . . . . we cut the milk out cold turkey to prevent any further tooth rot, and made an appointment for him to see a dentist.  Said appointment was this past week, and it went surprisingly well.  I’d been preparing him for the trip by talking to him and pretending to be the dentist cleaning while I was brushing his teeth.  I took him to a pediatric dental practice and it was well worth it.  The staff was great adn the hygienist was fantastic with NOR, showing him all of the cleaning tools, letting him touch them first, explaining what was going to happen.  She was great.  And NOR responded quite positively.  He actually opened his mouth when prompted, sat still enough for her to use the sharp scrapey tools . . . I was really impressed!

The good news was that he doesn’t have tooth rot, just some stains, which were summarily scraped off.  She did agree that it was good to stop the milk.  BUT, if he had to have it, so long as he had a good brushing before bed and upon waking, everything would most likely be fine.  PHEW!  So nice to get good news and to have a positive healthcare experience!


1. Perla - June 29, 2009

Hooray! he passed with flying colors.

How often is he going to see the dentist? every 6 months?

Have fun!

Judy - June 30, 2009

Every 6 months, just like adults, but we’ll be more diligent with the babes than we are with ourselves=)

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