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Today was our homevisit, so the midwife and her assistant came by the house for a chit chat and prenatal check.  They also checked out birth supplies to be sure all was in order, and it mostly was.  The visit went quite well . . . the LO’s heartbeat was good, my BP was good.  Strangely, I’m still measuring the same as I did last week and two weeks before that.  So that means three prenatal visits where I’m measuring the same.  Granted, the baby is super duper low, but still, seemed strange.  If I’m still preggo next week, and my measurement hasn’t increased, they’ll send me for a sonogram just to make sure there is enough fluid and that all is well.  I’m kinda hoping I won’t need that prenatal appt next week, to be honest.  We are pretty much ready to meet #3 and come on, if it’s hanging out so low, might as well come on out=)  But, as we all know, the little humans come whenever they darn well fell like it!

Stay tuned for more updates!


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