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Must’ve been the position . . .

. . . #2’s position, that is, that gave me low back pain and made me crooked with tight back muscles for three days.  Let me back up . . . woke up Friday morning with low back pain that then made me walk funny which in turn seized up the erector spinae muscles (as well as other highly important back muscles) on my right side.  Pretty much nothing I did helped . . not the heat, not laying down, not massage.  The only thing that was slightly useful was walking, but as soon as I’d sit down, the pain would come back.  Really quite annoying, actually.  I couldn’t move much and was pretty much useless to myself and everybody else.  Good thing my mom was here to help with Nibaw!

So last night, I’m sitting at the sewing table and I feel this giant movement, and I’m thinking “yikes, what’s going on in there!”  After a few minutes, I realized that #2 was now on the left side instead of the right (where it has been about 90% of the pregnancy) and amazingly, my back didn’t feel weird.  It took all night for the crookedness to disappear, and the muscles are still sore from having been so tight for three days.  But, my hypothesis is that it must’ve been the position!


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