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My new job . . .

will be starting in September. I’ll be teaching music at a private academy-type place. It’s not a traditional school like a public school, just a music school where people bring their kids to take private music lessons.

I bumped into the job announcement on Craig’s list totally by accident. I was looking for a job, just not on Craig’s list. Anyway, I applied and got a response pretty quickly, within a week I’d “gone through the hoops” and was hired! I’m pretty excited. I’ll get to teach voice lessons, which is great. It won’t be college level student, which is what I really enjoy, but it should still be great. They’ve also hired me to teach group piano classes, but they actually are less group piano and more like a general music class. The classes are offered to kids from 18 months on up, so I”ll be working with little people. Kinda nervous, since that’s not something I’ve done before, but it sounds like a great challenge and a good way to expand my knowledge.

Soooo, I’m looking forward to September to start my new job. It’ll be totally part-time, 2 nights a week for maybe 2-3 hours and then a few hours on Sunday. I’ll be taking time off in October when #2 arrives, of course, then it’ll be back into the swing of things! Yipee!!


1. Rlape - August 17, 2008

We wish the best on your new job.

Nervous? We know you will do great!

Proud of all your endevours.

Love you lots!

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