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Neighborhood eyesore . . . . no more

Merrily, we were able to get the jungle that used to be our yard cleaned up, and we didn’t end up paying some chump.  We ended up paying some friends from church, same amount of money, but now we know the money will go to good use (they are planning on buying Sabbath School supplies for the Cradle Roll class), so everyone wins.

Our neighbor, who has been mowing the lawn, says it looks really great now, but had nothing nice to say about our realtor.  Apparently NOONE has been there in months.  (In case you’ve lost track, the house has been on the market for not one, not two, not three but SEVEN months!)  I’m starting to wonder if our realtor, who was fantastic at helping up buy a house, is less adept at selling in a bad market.  I haven’t heard from her in months and seems like she’s just given up, which is rather disappointing.  I’m thinking of rattling her cage a bit to get some open houses going.  Granted, it’s a crap shoot of a market, but there’s no way the house will sell if we don’t have a proactive realtor.  *sigh*

It would be great to have a “vacation” home.  Alas, our meager budget definitely doesn’t allow for that.  So we keep praying that someone will realize what a great house it is and want to scoop it up.  Patience is the name of the game I suppose.


1. Rlape - September 23, 2008

I guess your friends didn’t send you pictures right?

I suppoused you are able to fire your realtor if she is not being proactive. realtor are suppoused to have it in the news paper, internet and the realtors magazine, has she been doing that? well meanwhile we will continue praying for a buyer.

Hang in there!

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