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NOR’s first blood draw

For some reason, the pedi felt it was necessary to do a CBC and a lead test on a 12 month old (of course since he didn’t give a reason, I didn’t do it.  Bad patient, I know . . but bad doctor for not explaining.)  So at his 15 month appt, I asked the doctor (a different one!) why it was needed.  She explained so I said, okay.

We go to the lab and they call NOR’s name . . . .he happily walks over  . . . until he gets right to the threshold of the door.  He must’ve had some sense that something was up, because he stopped and wouldn’t go any farther, he even started backing up!  I had to carry him in.  Once in the chair, he didn’t want to put his arm out.  He knew!  I thought it was important to be up front, so I told him it would hurt, but only for a bit.  He actually did remarkably well, didn’t cry at all when the needle went in.  Squirmed a bit while the blood was being drawn, but was fine.  That is, until they taped the cotton ball to him.  He ripped it off, of course, and started wailing when the technician put it back on . . . . giant crocodile tears . . . she had to wrap it with this special tape that sticks to itself (forgot the name).  He recovered quickly though and apparently didn’t think she was evil since he waved bye.  What a happy-go-lucky little man we have!


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