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NOR’s second blood draw

I sat on the blood draw paperwork for several weeks before taking NOR in to actually have his blood drawn.  The main dilemma was how to do it and keep RNR out of trouble.   I suppose I also wasn’t looking forward to having NOR wailing away from the needle stick!  I finally broke down and took him in to the lab, with RNR in tow.  They were happily playing in the waiting room when NOR’s name was called.  I quickly grabbed RNR, dumped her on my back in the mei tai, took NOR by the hand and headed back.  There were two phlebotomists there, and I assumed that one was in training.  (As it turns out, she was there to lend an extra hand if need be.)  So one of the people sits in the blood draw chair and motions for NOR to sit with her.  First of all, he would NOT be happy about sitting with someone he didnt’ know.  Second of all, like I’m going to sit back and watch someone else do an abyssmal job of comforting my child during the procedure!  So I said I would hold him on my lap.  They were dubious that I could do that with RNR on my back . . . . this seemed strange to me since this was obviously (at least to me) better than having RNR running around the lab!

Anyway, NOR sat on my lap, I held him tight and the other two gals took the blood.  He cried and cried when he got stuck, but strangely, he didn’t pull his arm back or try to take the needle out or anything.  He just sat there and wailed away.  RNR, of course, was curious as to what all the hubbub was about and was trying to see around my shoulder.  So it turned out fine, but NOR wailed for a good long time.  Since he had behaved so well, I decided to take him to “Old McDonalds” and get a treat.  I asked if he wanted french fries, cookies or ice cream.  I’m thinking he didn’t quite understand the word “or” since he requested all three!  So yes, we went through the drive-through and got all three.  He mostly wanted the cookies, but did have several fries and a few bites of ice cream.

Now I have RNR’s 1st blood draw coming up in a few months.  I dare say that it will be trickier to have NOR on my back, so we’ll see how I manage that one!  Stay tuned!


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