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Of Mozart and MRI’s

Today was my day to go into “the tube” as some people affectionately (or not) call it. Yeah, I had an MRI done. I made the appointment on Monday and then have been somewhat dreading it all week. I wouldn’t say that I’m claustrophobic, per se. I was just worried that I would be unable to lay still in a small, confined space for an extended period of time. Add to that the fact that laying on my back for more than 5 minutes is painful (hence the reason for the MRI), and I was just worried/apprehensive.

It turned out to be not so bad. I called and found out that A) they put a pillow/wedge under your knees, thus greatly increasing the comfort, and B) I could bring a CD to listen to during the procedure. I immediately chose Mozart’s Mass in c minor with Sylvia McNair, soprano and John Eliot Gardiner, conductor. I LOVE this work and this is a great performance. I thought about bringing a mask to cover my eyes so that I wouldn’t “peek” and then freak out at the closeness, but I decided not to. The music was great, and it was good that I chose a work rather than a CD with random songs, With the mass, there was a sense of continuity, like reading a book with a beginning, middle and end. I hummed along, (which I’m sure amused the technician), conducted with my fingers, tapped my toes and wiggled my head – all miniture versions of what I normally do when listening to music. Hopefully it didn’t mess anything up!

All too soon, I was wisked out of the tube, just as “Et incarnatus est” was beginning. I did open my eyes to see how small of a space I was in . . .. yeah, it was small. And did I mention that it was LOUD! Sometimes it was so loud I couldn’t hear the music very well, and I had ear buds in my ears. Sheesh, MRI machines are noisy!

So I left the office with a stack of films . . . I took a gander at them when I got home, but I didn’t really see anything amiss. I’m hoping the doctor will explain some of what I’m seeing.

All in all, a good experience=)


1. Perla - June 29, 2009

Yeah! I hope your movement didn’t interfere with the results, because usually they tell you you need to be still.
Any news yet?

Have a great day.

Judy - June 30, 2009

No news . . . .I’m sure I’ll write about it when there is news.

2. Melody - June 30, 2009

You always were more well adjusted than me…when they gave me my MRIs (yes, multiple) this year I had to make friends with Valium because the panic was tremendous…of course, you didn’t have a cage holding your head down so that you would be perfectly still while they perused your brain for tumors. I can’t help but think that added to my anxiety…

Judy - June 30, 2009

Um, yeah. . .. a cage would definitely have made me WAYYYY more anxious! And somehow, I don’t think Mozart would’ve done the trick, since I’m unable to experience music without moving my head!!

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