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One year ago

One year ago I was impossibly tired.

One year ago NOR was 16 months old, signing alot, talking only a little.

One year ago I was enjoying the cooler weather and fall colors.

One year ago I was shocked that my newborn had awakened me only once during the night.

One year ago I was still replaying the “precipitous delivery” (as the midwife called it) in my mind.

One year ago I thought to myself “okay, these after-birth pains suck!”

One year ago we were VERY glad that grandma was here helping out.

One year ago, I was so very glad to have given birth at home.

One year ago we happily (and quickly) welcomed RNR into our family.


1. Rlape - October 22, 2009

Wow! one year that has gone so fast!

I have enjoyed every minute that I have spent with RNR.


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