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Opposite day – part two

Apparently, opposite day wasn’t just one day . . it continues today.  So the normal naptime routine is that RNR falls asleep pretty quickly, without much ado, while NOR usually lays there for an hour and a half and has quiet time.  Well, today, I kept hearing RNR making noise.  TWO TIMES I went to her room and found she’d taken her diaper off.  This is no small feat as she had to remove the fleece cover (not too tricky), and then figure out a way to undo the snappi!  I have NO IDEA how she did that!

Anyway, I get her diaper on, again and go check on NOR . . . he is sound asleep!  Totally crazy!  Who knows what has gotten into my kiddies today.  As I’m typing, though, I hear silence, so I think RNR has finally crashed, which means I can now go take a nap myself!


1. Lita - April 12, 2010

Hooray you can take a nap! that is great!
Take those moments to rest.
love you.

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