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Prodromal labor . . . in a word . . .

. . . SUCKS!  Midwife tried to tell me that it’s not all for naught, your body is actually “doing work”, but it still is no fun.  Going on three weeks of this, now.  I totally would not be feeling all that impatient if it weren’t for the painful Braxton-Hicks (aka prodromal labor).  I’m pretty much ignoring it these days (and nights, which is when it really kicks into high gear!), which means that some morning I’m going to wake up and “oh look, there’s a baby in bed with us!”  Okay, so that’s probably an exaggeration, but I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually going to know when the real thing arrives, even though I’ve done this before.  Of course, I could’ve have 10 babies and still fill like a newbie.  *sigh*  At least the back drama from last weekend is over, and #2 has dropped, so I don’t feel like a ginormous preggo lady.  Hey, you gotta find the silver lining somewhere, right?  Stay tuned for more updates on the ever present prodromal labor.  At this rate, we might not be meeting #2 till November!  Oh well, hopefully this means the delivery is going to be lightening fast, but not so fast that the midwife doesn’t get here=)


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