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Taking a break

You may have noticed that there has been a dearth of posts about the kiddies and our activities . . . .that’s because we’ve been so busy “activitating” that I’ve had no time to blog about said activities.  I’ve spent lots of time being riddled with guilt over my lack of blogging and thinking, “oh, I need to upload pics and get some blog posts done!  Ack!  I’m so behind!”

When I started this blog over two years ago, it was really intended to be something fun to talk about whatever random thing crossed my mind, and to share pics with you all of the family.  It has ceased to be fun and has become yet one more thing on my burgeoning list of things to do.  Soo, in the interest of preserving my sanity and simplifying my life, I’m taking a break from this part of my blog.  I’ll probably still post things on the main page, but pics are going to be much less forthcoming.  Once I’ve gotten the rest of my waaayyy too busy life in order, I’ll be back=)

I leave you with a few pics.  (And I’m trying out a new format . . . a slideshow . . . do you love it or hate it?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


1. Lita - November 20, 2010

this is pretty cool!
I see you got the blackboard, what did u use on the wall? do the kiddos love it?
Hmmmmm Nibaw?

Love you guys.

2. R - November 28, 2010

I can totally understand taking a break when things like blogs turn into work instead of fun, but I’ll miss the regular updates on your kid-related adventures here! No pressure, just letting you know your posts have been appreciated 🙂

I would vote for the collage rather than the slideshow…to let people spend the amount of time they want to with each photo without having the catch the pause button before the next photo shows up. The slideshow creates a sense of narrative, though, so if you had a series (birthday cake/candles/blowing out candles) that told a story, then the slideshow makes a lot of sense.

Good luck regaining control of your busy life. Congrats on all your successes (sewing and otherwise!) and I’ll look forward to your main-page posts all the more!

Judy - December 1, 2010

Thanks for all of your comments! It’s nice to know that you are reading about our adventures! I should have a wee bit more time now that I’ve sworn off of FB, so I’m hoping this break will be relatively short.

I like your thoughts on slideshow vs. collage. I couldn’t figure out how to add caption to the pics in the slideshow, which was a disadvantage. I’m going to try to see if any of the other photo programs (flickr, photobucket, etc.) have any slideshow capabilities that could work with the blog. Honestly, the slideshow is waaayyy easier for me, but probabl less interesting to my adoring public=)

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