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The narrator/commentator

NOR’s function in our home is “the narrator/commentator”. He is such a little chatter box these days, always a constant stream of words coming from him. When we are out and about, he points out EVERYTHING that he says, and he’ll continue to say the word until you acknowledge that he has correctly identified the object. At home, he narrates what he is doing, or what others are doing. “gate up!” “pots away, yeah yeah yeah!” He is definitely his own cheerleader, so hilarious. Sometimes he’s chattering away and I haven’t a clue what he is saying, still entertaining though. I’m loving the talking, gives me a teeny window into what he is thinking=)


1. Rlape - March 21, 2009

This age is a great one

They are exploring and absorbing everything in their lilltle brain.

My prayer is that he continue to develop in a healthy way.

Congrats! They are so precious.

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