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The recovery

The recovery from this delivery has been so different from last time.  For starters, about 2 hours after delivery, I felt kinda weak and woozy and my BP was 140/80.  After eating a plain old PB sandwhich, I felt better.  In the subsequent days, I just felt like my poor body was having a harder time, “getting back to normal.”  Of course, I don’t really know what normal is anymore since I’ve been either preggo or nursing or both for two years now! LOL!  My hips are still complaining, why I”m not sure, and my uterine ligaments are also shouting for attention (as if 9 months wasn’t enough!)  Oh, did I mention the after-birth pains . ..  .those are no fun!  It’s like having painful contractions, but the baby is already here, so there is nothing to show for it! Those lasted, thankfully, only a few days.

Funny, each labor gets easier and quicker, but seems like the recovery is more dramatic . . .not sure which is worse:  a long/hard labor or a long/hard recovery.  I’m thinking I’d rather the former over the latter!


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