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The things they say

Children have a knack for saying things that are completely and utterly hilarious. Several years ago, I did a post of Nibawisms. He’s still pretty much the king of saying totally random and funny things. But, R has given him a run for his money. I want to be able to come back in ten years and laugh and the funniness. So, I present to you:


NOR – age 2.5
December 9, 2009 – “Don’t spit in the car, Roxxy . . .. you’ll get people wet!”

March 26, 2010 – “Monkeys don’t wear pants.”

NOR – age 3
June 12, 2010 – “We don’t pull bunnies tails . . that’s not nice.”

July 3, 2010 – “Plants don’t normally talk. They just say ‘I’m going back to the ground.'”

“Combine arms are different from people arms.”

September 18, 2010 – “There is no oil truck in the sky.”

NOR – age 3.5
April 11, 2011 – “There are three kinds of pastes: butt paste, tomato paste, and toothpaste.”

NOR – age 4
June 19, 2011
“Mommy, grass and food don’t mind being cut.”

RNR – age 2.5
May 17, 2011
(She was talking about an adult male) “The boy Mrs. Hayden.”

August 7, 2011
R: Mommy, does cow’s milk come out of your boob?
Me: Well, I’m not a cow, so, no.

RNR – age 3
December 5, 2011
Roxxy: Daddy, my leg still hurts.
Daddy: Well, do you know what you need for it?
Roxxy: Alcohol!

December 30, 2011
R: People don’t eat squirrels
Me: Uh, true.
R: Squirrels are people.
Me: Uh, nope.
R: Squirrels are squirrels.
Me: Right!

RNR – age 3.5
July 4, 2012
“Mommy, is there another person inside your tummy putting the baby together?”

RNR – age 4
February 14, 2013
“If you take a bunch of water in your mouth and leave it there for awhile, it turns into spit.”

March, 6, 2013
“When my lips are cold, I just put them inside my mouth to keep them warm.”
“When you are asleep, it’s hard to walk and watch where you are going.”


1. r - May 3, 2013

I now have a picture of tiny baby-assembly line inside your uterus, full of people putting new babies together. 😛 Great quotes!

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