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“There’s a fly in my kitchen!”

Rick and I have very different views on how to deal with vermin/critters/bugs/etc that find their way into the house. My system is “smash!” . . . the end. He is much gentler than I am. He prefers to catch them and release them outside. Admittedly, his system works quite well. He uses a clear glass cup (so the bugs won’t see him coming) to capture them, then slips a piece of cardboard between the wall/window/door/etc and the cup and releases the hapless critter outdoors.

Well, NOR has been watching this for many months now. Every time he sees a bug, he says “have to catch it, have to catch it in cup”. Of course, I can’t just go and smash the bug, so I’ve been catching and releasing them. The other day, (this was told to me by Rick, I wasn’t fortunate enough to be present for the events) NOR says to Rick, “There’s a fly in my kitchen, have to catch it!” So he pretends to catch a fly with his clear spice bottle and goes to the front door waiting for Rick to open it. LOL! Rick was so amused that he decided to give him his own little piece of cardboard and show him the “proper” technique. As you can imagine, NOR was catching many flies that morning and throwing them out the front door. Funny guy!


1. Heidi - July 16, 2009

Both playing and helping at the same time, way to go NOR!
🙂 Kisses to you all,

Heidi & Co.

2. Rlape - July 17, 2009

Amazing! Children imitates what their parents do.

He is a smart kid.

Love U


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