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Babywearing themed party October 11, 2015

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DD turns 7 in two days. TWO DAYS! That means if I don’t get this blog post about her 6th birthday party up in two days, it will be seriously old news!

Six year old birthday parties are a big deal at our house. It’s the first party where we do more than just invite friends to come and play and eat cake. Additionally, there’s a theme. Choosing her theme was super easy. She is my junior VBE (volunteer babywearing educator) and has always loved all things babywearing. She totally shocked me at age two and a half when she was able to get her doll safely into a mei tai, on her back, by herself! She also loves to hold her own babywearing meetings with an oftentimes uninterested audience (her brothers 😀 ) So, the decision to have her babywearing as the theme was easy. What wasn’t easy was coming up with activities and games that fit the theme. Thankfully, my friend Holly, who throws the best and most creative birthday parties, gave me some ideas to get the creative juices flowing! (Thank you, Holly!)

We sent out invitations a few weeks in advance.

When guests arrived, they were met by this display, and the gifts were placed on top of the woven wrap
(The painting on the right was a gift from hubby when he returned from a work trip to South Africa. I adore this painting!)

Since people tend to arrive to parties not always on time, I like to have a filler activity for kids to do while guests arrive. The activity was to decorate the tail of a ring sling, which would be used in a game later on in the party. I made two mistakes: 1) glitter. . . . enough said! 2) glue, unsupervised . . . . The younger kids ended up dumping massive amounts of glue, which meant that their ring sling tail was never going to dry. Alas. They had fun, so I guess that was still a win!

Once they had finished making a mess decorating, I tossed a basket filled with scarves, aprons and other random pieces of cloth into the middle of the room and said, “Quick, it’s an emergency! We have to get our babies in carriers, but we don’t have any carriers! You’ll have to made do with what we have!” Watching them try to figure out how to attach their dolls with the basket goodies was pretty entertaining.  In the end, they all managed to be hands free, not necessarily safe for the dolls, but hands free!


For their efforts, the guests all got doll mei tais.

After this activity, it was apparent that the guests needed a bit of education on safe babywearing, so DD gave a little presentation on the different carrier types and how to use them. Something about doing it in front of friends rather than your siblings made it more nerve-racking, but she still did a great job!

She also helped them all get their dolls in their new mei tais. Much better, right?

Addy, Kellyn, Nibaw, Maya, Lily, Darby, Sara, Emily

The guests all wore their dolls/animals/etc in their carriers for the remainder of the party. It was helpful to have their dolls in carriers, rather than in arms, for the next game: an obstacle course. Some kids dove right in and ran pell mell through the course, some so vigorously that they lost their dolls! Ooops! Other kids took their time and were much more thoughtful and careful. Everyone had a fun time, though. What kid doesn’t love to run around like crazy!

At this point, the party had been going for about an hour. My plan was that the decorated ring sling tails would be dry. They weren’t, so playing “Pin the tail on the ring sling” was kinda messy, but fun! In true “Pin the tail” fashion, the tails were all over the place! But one child managed to pin it almost spot on.
pin the tail

The final activity was weaving. Woven wraps are a type of carrier, that are, well, woven! 😀 Each child got a little cardboard square with yarn, and they got to choose strips of fabric to weave. This was better suited to the older girls, who were 8ish, and they sat and weaved for a good 20 minutes. Even though the 4 and 5 year olds struggled with coordination, they still were able to create a nice little woven mat.

Once all of the activities were done, it was time for food! Coming up with clever babywearing themed snacks was not hard, especially since Babylonia happens to give MANY of their wraps food names.

We had wraps and cupcakes and a drink,
food 2

and fruit and veggies and crackers.
food 1

All in all, the party was a grand success, we celebrated babywearing, and everyone had fun!  That’s a win in my book!


Babywearing success December 25, 2008

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Last week I had my first major babywearing adventure . .  I wore two babies at the same time, my 2 month old on the front and my 18 month old on the back.  Thursday I was going to be going downtown on the metro with the babes on my own, so I needed to practice wearing them.  Sooo, I went out running errands (which, BTW, takes like 10 times as long with two babies in the winter!) every day last week and used it as an excuse to practice.  Monday was merrily really warm (like 65 degrees), so it was a great day to practice.  I went to Lowe’s and parked kinda far to have lots of room around the truck.  I started out with DD, I got the wrap all set up, got her settled in a FWCC, then went around and got the mei tai ready for DS.  Got him on my back using the superman fly, which he loves, and got him tied up.  I was actually surprised that it wasn’t too bad carrying them both, pretty comfy, actually.  I was highly amused at the looks that I got.  People looked at me like I had some defect!  If I thought I got funny looks wearing DS, wearing them both got me some REALLY strange looks!  Anyway, we made it through Lowe’s without any major problems.  (I did forget abou the extra weight . . squatted down, and had quite the time getting back up while packing and extra 35 pounds!! LOL!)

Tuesday and Wednesday I also went out shopping and practiced wearing them.  By the time Thursday rolled around, I was ready for my Metro adventure.  Of course, as luck would have it, DS didn’t really cooperate in the napping department, and I was still having drama with the diaper bag.  So I called DH and asked him to meet me at the metro, since I thought I might lose my mind dealing with both babes on my own.  But, I still ended up having to wear them both to get onto the platform.  Since it was cold, I had to put my cape around all three of us, and I had he diaper bag under my cape too.  I’m sure I looked enormous!!  Plus I was huffing and puffing since not only was I carrying my 25 pound toddler and my 11 pound infant, I also had the 10 pound diaper bag.  I am soooo not in good enough shape to be carting around an extra 45 pounds!  My poor legs!

Anyway, you should have seen the looks I was getting from the people coming off of the metro (all of the commuters going home.)  It was pretty entertaining!

So I still need to perfect my technique . . I’m thinking about making a mei tai that is better suited for an infant so I can wear DD on the front.  And I want to learn to wrap DS on the back in a Ruck or maybe a Jordan Back Carry.  I’ll keep you posted on my success, or lack thereof!