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Diaper changing station September 30, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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About a month or two ago, I decided we needed a better system for changing dipes.  We had been using the changing table in #2’s room, but figured that wouldn’t work out once #2 arrived.  Soooo, I got the idea of setting things up in the bathroom . . .best idea ever.  Here are a few pics.

The changing area, in all it's glory=)

The changing area, in all it's glory!

The top shelf is for #2’s dipes and the bottom is for NOR.  All of the wet bags are velcroed to the bottom of the bottom shelf . . . the snappi’s and ointment are readily available as are the changing pads.

here's a close up of the shelves

here's a close up of the shelves

Everything is so close . . . after rinsing out a poopy dipe, I just dump it in the diaper pail.  Or after changing a pee pee dipe, the diaper pail is just at hand.  And the wipes and wipe solution are a stones throw away.  It’s super convenient and I can’t believe I didn’t think of this idea sooner!

The best diaper inserts September 7, 2008

Posted by Judy in Musings, Sewing projects.
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My project this morning was to discover which material produced the most absorbent inserts for our pocket dipes.  (Apparently, this seals my entry into nerddom! I always knew I was a music nerd, but who know I was a science nerd, too!)

We’ve been using several different fabrics:

1)  old cut up t-shirts, with each insert being 4 layers sewn together.

2)  this miracle cloth thing that is supposed to be used for washing cars or something, supposed to be really absorbent, each insert is just one layer.