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“And the snow came down and the castle disappeared” February 13, 2010

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It started out as a Winter Storm Watch with “up to 5 inches of accumulation”.

That was doable, not so bad.  That was Sunday.

Monday rolled around and it became “up to 8 inchesof accumulation”.

I thought “I know where this is going . . ..  20-30 inches, here we come!”

By Tuesday morning I was feeling pretty smug:

Winter Storm Warning – 10-20 inches possible

I reached the “ROTFL” stage Tuesday afternoon:

Blizzard Warning – visibility reduced to less than a quarter of a mile

The snow fell and blew around all night on Tuesday, and continued to fall most of the day Wednesday.  (At this point, I was totally surprised that my mom’s Thursday night flight hadn’t been cancelled like the previous two flights!)

By Wednesday night, the snow had stopped, but the wind was still whipping the snow around.  I opened the front door to get a peek, and here’s what I saw.

Yeah, that’s the kiddies’ play castle, almost completely buried. (more…)

And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed February 7, 2010

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We’d been hearing doomsday reports about the huge snowstorm that was to pummel the area this weekend . . .the storm promised to bring as much snow as the pre-Christmas storm.  Of course, each time we checked the weather, the predictions got more and more dire . ..  going from 12-18 inches, then 18-24 inches, then 20-30 inches.  We were ready.  The only real bummer was that family was supposed to be arriving on Friday, and their flight got cancelled in anticipation of the storm.  And more family was going to arrive via train tomorrow (Sunday), but that got cancelled as well.  Bummer!  (Merrily, all parties will be arriving Monday or Tuesday, so only a slight delay.)

So the snow started Friday morning, but it was super light and not much was sticking, not until about 3 or 4 pm.  The snow started in earnest sometime after 7 or 8pm, with big flakes and lots of wind.  We woke up to giant drifts of snow all over our yard, including one that came to the bottom of the bay window.  DH went out to measure the snow, and we had about 17.5 inches . . . . and the snow was still falling . . . and it continued to fall for another 6 hours or so.

When the sun started peaking out, we decided to go tromping outside to take a gander.  We bundled up the babes, popped them on our backs and out we went.  Sadly for me, the first drift we encountered was about 24 inches, and it just got worse from there!  Let me tell you, tromping through 30 inch drifts with a 30 pound toddler on your back when you are only 62 inches tall, oh, and 4 months pregnant . . . . not so easy!  At one point, I slipped and fell (yes, I know, there wasn’t that far to fall!!) and had a ridiculously hard time getting up.  After that, DH went inside and got me a walking stick.  It certainly helped with the balance, but my arms are going to be very sore from lifting that thing through the 24-30 inch drifts!

Here I am at one of the deepest points.


Getting started July 9, 2008

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So I’ve taken the plunge and stated a blog!  Who knows how much time I’ll have to post things, but I’m hoping to post my various sewing projects, funny and interesting (and maybe some boring) things about my life, and all of the adventures afforded me by my little munchkin.  Check back often, or not, to see what’s new!!