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Ready, set, sew! July 23, 2008

Posted by Judy in Diaper bag, Sewing projects.

Okay, corny title, I know! So the diaper bag plans are finished. Well, I have yet to do the ones for the “we are going to be out and about the entire day”, but all the other ones are done. I kept putting off starting them . . I think part of me was nervous about actually starting. But I bit the bullet last night and started out with the wallet. It turned out pretty good, there were a few problems with my directions, but by and large it turned out fine. I used this tutorial as a reference but made a few changes. When I make the real one, I’ll post pics with my changes.

Now my drama is working out the boxed corner thing . .. having trouble figuring out how much fabric I need in order to have a boxed corner and still have the bag be the dimension I want. Grrrr!! Stay tuned!


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