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Dry all night March 8, 2009

Posted by Judy in EC adventures.

Believe it or not, we had TWO babes that were dry all night!  I should say, most of the night.  For some reason, they both woke up around 10ish and were wet, and they both had a cow when they were given pottytunities.  DS then slept till 5ish and was dry, and happily accepted the pottytunity.  DD has not yet started sleeping  through the night, but the two times she woke up, she was dry and peed in the potty like a champ.  The second time, I wasn’t sure if she’d gone, so I was still holding her over the bowl and I realized she was totally asleep!  Ha!

So we are going to venture into the nighttime EC thing to see how that goes for us.  Sure would be nice to not have to struggle with dipes in the middle of the night!!  Stay tuned . . . .


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