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R & D sucks! November 10, 2009

Posted by Judy in babywearing, Sewing projects.

Yeah, that’s right, research and development is the pits!  Sure would be nice if my design would work the first time.  Alas, I’m just not that good=(  In the past two weeks I’ve gotten version one and version two of my baby carrier design made.  Of course, both version have their own set of problems.  Version number two is currently with a tester to see what she thinks of it.  My goal is to get something good and usable by the end of this month, but that means there’s lots of doing  and redoing.  Yuck!!  I got so tired of thinking about the baby carrier that I changed gears this afternoon and whipped up a pair of trainers for DS.  How nice to be able to do something quickly and mostly right.  I say mostly, because I put the leg band on the wrong way.  (I alwasy seem to do this foolishness, someday I’ll get it right!)  Anyway, tonight it will be back to the designing and revising.  The nice thing about this project – as opposed to my diaper bag project – is that I have DH’s help . . . two brains are definitely better than one.


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