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The cabinet, that turned out to be quite the find May 15, 2010

Posted by Judy in Sewing projects.

When I purchased my 503A, I also got a neat looking cabinet.  It was clearly wood, but needed some TLC.  Out came my trusty Pledge Orange Oil and I hit the cabinet with one application of said oil.  What a difference it made!!

After acquiring so many machines and cabinets, I thought it might be wise to sell this one off, as it didn’t have a spot for a knee lever and was a bit less convenient.  But then I happened to see a pic of it on a ismacs.net (a site all about vintage sewing machines) and discovered that it’s actually a vintage Singer cabinet . . .. it’s a Singer #24.  Woot!  Of course, I decided to keep it!  (I’ll be posting pics of it with it’s “new” machine in another post.)  So as it turns out, my long trek from several Sunday’s ago was even more profitable than originally thought!


1. Lita - June 20, 2010

Did you decide yo keep it?

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