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Take that May 21, 2012

Posted by Judy in Musings.

Eight years ago today I woke up thinking, “Man, we are SOOO lucky that the peonies are in full bloom right now! Otherwise, we’d have no wedding flowers!” And then I began a quick mental checklist to make sure the last minute details were all in place. Although there are a few things I would have changed about the day, it still was perfect. So many friends, family and students. So much wonderful music. (I mean, really, it couldn’t have been my wedding without tons of music.) So many non-traditional things. So very us.

Eight years. I won’t say it’s been perfection. We are two people who are constantly evolving and figuring out how to mesh well can be tricky at times. Throw 3.5 little ones into the mix, and things get even trickier. Never mind the fact that sometimes we just pass as strangers in the night, or that our conversations seem to revolve around poop and sleep! (Not our, that of the babes, or course.) But eight years later, through all the bumps, we are still here, and will be for a very. long. time. That’s in part due to the fact that we began our journey as friends, and very good friends at that. It’s also due to the fact that neither of us are quitters and we made a forever commitment. So even though there are days, I still can’t think of anyone else I’d rather be pissed at or frustrated with because at the end of the day, we’re a good team . . . we’re two peas in a pod . . . .we mesh well.

Eight years ago, I know there were people who definitely didn’t agree. Of course there were lots of supporters, but there WERE rumblings. People doubting:

  • “WHAT? They only dated for a week?”
  •  “Only a three month engagment? What’s the rush?”
  •  “Well, I hope they love each other.”
  • And the best one was this anonymous postcard received about two weeks after the wedding.  “Let’s give them something to talk about”, well you did and we’re still talking.   Just in case you didn’t know . . . Tacky, tacky, tacky. Your wedding was disgusting. Your ceremony was sacrilegious. [sic] Your reception wan an unedible [sic] joke (the one that you forgot to attend). Your abysmal behavior offended EVERYONE from start to finish. No one was impressed. Your immaturity and selfishness will be remembered by all. You wasted everyone’s time and money. Your wedding was so cheap, we hope you didn’t spend over $20, if so, you were ripped off. Perla your home kit bleach job looked awful, and if your husband refuses to kiss you on your wedding day, you will soon regret being so desparate. [sic] Several of us are hoping this was a “Green Card” marriage, that would help explain the lack of love. We hope God has mercy on you and blesses this unholy union. God will not be mocked. 2 Thessalonians 3:14-15

Do you think maybe this person was our biggest naysayer?  Pretty pathetic to send something like this anonymously, right?! But, no matter.

Eight years later, I say, “Take that!”


1. Lita - May 21, 2012

Happy Anniversary!
God be with you always and help you keep a healthy marriage.
Keep that flame burning!
Love you.

2. R - May 23, 2012

Happy anniversary! Love that “.5” hint too! I hope you guys had a terrific day. And forget that postcard writer. Your wedding was unique and vivacious…a very special day for two very special people!

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