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Reading July 9, 2013

Posted by Judy in Musings.
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I love to read.  I learned to read at the age of 4 and always had a book with me.  My parents would get so annoyed with me because I’d sit in the bathroom for inordinate amounts of time just to finish up a chapter.  I also would develop deafness while reading.  I could still hear them calling me in the background, but I would be so engrossed in the book that I didn’t want to respond.  Yeah, they didn’t like that either!  In grade school, I wanna say it was maybe the 7th grade, there was a reading contest.  I read far and away more books than the 2nd place person.  I love to read!

After I got married, DH and I spent several idyllic years sitting around and reading books.  Sometimes we’d read aloud, but mostly, we’d sit in the same room, each engrossed in their own books, occasionally sharing nice tidbits from our reading.  Once we became parents, that all came to a halt.  Sure, I still read or skimmed through lots of books about pregnancy and delivery,  parenting and baby sign language, etc.  But, all of the reading was informational, there was a purpose.  None of it was just for fun.

In March, I joined a book club to try to get back into the swing of “just for fun” reading.  It was so nice to be engrossed in a book again.  Yes, it was tricky to find the time to be engrossed, and my reading took place in very short snippets, but the reading still happened.  I decided I really needed to just read more.  For one, it was nice for me.  For two, it set a good example for the babes.  I always tell them they should go read/look at a book when they are bored . .. why not model the behavior?

I’d been toying with the idea of getting a Nook, either an actual eReader or a tablet.  I chucked the tablet idea out the window since I really didn’t want the computer screen-y sort of look.  I finally took the plunge two weeks ago and bought a Kindle Paperwhite.  At first, I didn’t love it.  In fact, I still don’t love it.  I’m old-fashioned.  I like to be able to flip through the pages to see how much is left in a chapter.  I like the visual cue that tells me how much of the book is left.  I get annoyed that sometimes the page doesn’t turn, or that it does turn when you don’t want it to.  And the interface could use some improvement.  But, overall, I still REALLY like my Kindle.  It allows me to read all. the. time.  I’m nursing the baby and I’m reading.  I’m laying down trying to get the baby to sleep and I’m reading.  I’m sitting waiting for the babes to get ready to go and I’m reading.  I’ve read several short books already, and the babes and I have read a handful of kids books.  I found a study Bible that has a daily passage from each of the testaments.  I’m so so happy to have found it because I’m actually reading my Bible again!

So I’ve had the Kindle for less than 2 weeks, and I already have almost 100 books on it.  I have no delusions that I’ll be getting through those any time soon.  But, I have heard that if you find a book for free that you might like, grab it.  So, I’ve grabbed all sorts of books ranging from fiction to religious to comedy to self-help.  I can’t wait to see what the books have in store for me!  And all of this, thanks to a little electronic device!  I guess I’d better get reading!


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