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A very, very tired little human

As of late, NOR has been SUPER grouchy . . .everything is cause for a meltdown, I mean EVERYTHING!  Yesterday was no exception.  He was having a cow about something seemingly trivial, so he got his paci and went and laid down for what we call “mini-naps”  (really, just a self-imposed time out to decompress).  I went in a few minutes later to see if he wanted some grapes, and he was sound asleep.  (It was shortly before 6pm and he hadn’t had a nap.)  I was thinking to just let him sleep for like 30 minutes and then wake him for dinner.  Well, 6:30 came and went, 7:30 saw up putting RNR to bed, we went to bed at around 11:30 and he was STILL SLEEPING!  He woke up around 3ish and come into our room, but then slept until 7am . . .That’s 13 hours, folks!  I dare say he was a tired little human!  I’m hoping for a much happier day, today!


1. Lita - April 26, 2010

Hope NOR has recovered.

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