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The longest nap

Many of you know that NOR hasn’t exactly been the greatest sleeper, at least not for the first 13.5 months of his life.  But he’s been a great napper (goes down with nary a peep) and a great sleeper (sleeping 10 hours each night) since 13.5 months.  For some reason, he’s been waking up in the night the past few nights.  Last night he woke up around 1:45ish and he finally fell asleep in our room around 3:30.  Of course, RNR then awoke at 3:45 starving.  *sigh*.  Then we had to get up at 5:30 to take my mom to the airport.  Needless to say, NOR was wiped out.  He fell asleep at the usual 1pm and pretty much slept (with one brief interruption), until 5pm!  That’s right folks, FOUR HOURS!  Some of you may be thinking, “those silly parents, now he’ll never go to sleep!”  Au contraire, mon amie.  Put him in bed at 8pm and he was out by probably 8:15.  Ahhh .  . . the joys of finally having a good sleeper!


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