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Will the revisions ever end? August 22, 2008

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So I’ve been using the new diaper bag (previously known as the 3-hour bag, now known as “The Bungalow Diaper Bag™”) for a few weeks and it seems to be working out great. I’ve made a few revisions to make it more useful, we’ll see how that works out.

The purse, on the other hand, (formerly known as the attaching purse™, now known as “The Moored Purse™” ) is a totally different story. So far I’ve made two practice ones, which turned out quite nicely, but I keep coming up with more and more changes to make. So I ask, “will the revisions ever end?!?!” *sigh* I guess that’s part of the design process, right?

Speaking of designing . . I’ve come up with a design for another dipe bag. Originally, I had The Micro-Studio Diaper Bag™ as the smallest bag to be used for a quick little outing. Well, I’ve decided that is only good for a super quick outing, as in a, “just-running-to-the-store-to-buy-eggs” type of outing. So I designed a bag for the times when you’ll be out longer than just to buy eggs, but not so long that you would need The Bungalow Diaper Bag ©. It’s basically built off of the same pattern used in The Moored Purse™, but a bit bigger and with changes in the pockets. I’m calling it, The Studio Diaper Bag™. I have yet to actually make it, but I’m hoping that with all of the “experience” gained from the other bags, this one should go smoothly . . .wishful thinking, I know!

I’m about to start the practice run of the largest bag in the set, The Chateau Diaper Bag™. It’s going to be large enough to fit everything you’ll need for an all day outing with two little ones . . .at least, that’s the plan. We’ll be testing it out this Sunday (with just one LO, #2 has yet to make it’s debut!), so I’ll let ya’ll know how that works out.

Well, the only way to make progress is to actually start . . .wish me luck on the Chateau practice run!


Boxing corners tutorial July 29, 2008

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NOTE: found some mistakes here, so the changes are in red=)

Welcome to the “all-the-information-you-ever-wanted-to-know-about-boxing-corners” tutorial. I’ve included several different ways to box corners as well as how to design them and have them turn out the right dimensions. I’ve tried to make it clear, but it’s easy to get confused (happened to me LOTS! see Brain Strain and Ready, set, sew!), so leave me a comment if you need more help, okay?!

Let’s start by learning how to sew a boxed corner. (Of course, if you are just dying to know how the algebra works, just click on one of the links below and you’ll magically leap to that section =)

The two main methods of boxing corners are what I’m calling the “cut-out method” and the “folding method”. With both of these methods you can start out with two separate pieces of fabric that get sewn together, or you can have one piece of fabric that gets folded over.